Why Buy Vintage?

Let us show you!


You all have Google, so we'll keep this brief...

Purchasing clothing second-hand helps to reduce your ecological footprint.

It prevents existing garments from ending up in our landfills, and decreases the need for excessive manufacturing.

Vintage clothing, much like vintage cars, were built to lAST!

BMW's are not such a great example, but you get it.


Vintage clothing was produced with care...

Care and quality that you will not find with today's garments sold on fast-fashion sites. You know, the ones with the 'help me' tags...

It was produced to be worn by a generation that did not have TikTok to pass the time. It was also made to be passed on - maybe more than once depending on the family.

Don't we all have that one relative that will gladly take any hand-me-down?

Vintage clothing has experienced life, and will continue - once you too, part ways.

Because just like Ford's motto, vintage was built to last

Aged to perfection!
1985 Jordan 1 Chicago's

To most, these are just a pair of dirty old shoes... To us, these are a piece of history. They have seen life - clearly. These Jordans are 38 years old, and still intact! This goes to show that with proper care and maintenance, any vintage item can withstand the test of time!

Celebrities & Vintage 🤝

Justin Bieber
Travis Scott
Kanye West

Vintage is just different...

There is nothing quite like an old faded tee, with a graphic of a band that you definitely cannot name a song from - but luckily there's Google for when your parents ask...

Paired with some construction worker's old Carhartt work-pants - that they decided were too worn, but those same pants on you, make others assume you don't work a boring 9-5...

Yeah, we're onto you posers!

Now that you know...